Erlangen e.V. 1975-1978

In 1974 the team of the Eckiger Kreis met the Californian computer music composer Edward G. Kobrin in Berlin. This was the beginning of more international contacts. Thereon the computer music oriented members of the Eckiger Kreis decided to found another registered association solely devoted to the promotion of Computer Music in 1975.

Among the active members were Hans Daun, Michael Fahres, Bernd Gericke, Gerald Huber, Klaus Mühlberger and Wolfgang Wüllfarth. They realized live electronic music using synthesizers controlled by Minicomputers and self-developed hardware controllers.

Events took place in Regensburg, Bamberg, Erlangen, Berlin and Utrecht.

In recognition of their activities the Computerstudio Erlangen was granted the cultural advancement award of Erlangen in 1976 - quite an achievement for such an unusual cultural initiative.

Computerstudio Erlangen cooperated with electronic music artists like Christof Franke of the pop group Tangerine Dream, Edward Kobrin and Andy Moorer of the Stanford University computer group (California) and IRCAM (Paris) (



from left to right: gerald huber, wolfgang wüllfarth, michael
fahres, bernd gericke, klaus mühlberger

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