Eckiger Kreis e.V.


Small group of unconventional young regional artists (painters, poets and composers) initiated by Thomas Emmerig and Michael Fahres in 1971.

The "Eckiger Kreis" (square circle) was officially founded  in 1972 as a registered association aiming to provide a means for the artists to reach the public through exhibitions and live performances. Centres of activity were Bamberg, Erlangen and Regensburg.

Composers/musicians: Helmut Bieler, Werner Blau, Jürgen Eckart, Thomas Emmerig, Michael Fahres and H. E. Erwin Walther.

Poets: Wolfgang von Brackel, Thomas Emmerig, Peter J. Ettl, Klaus Hamburger, Klaus Kowatsch and Edelburg Salz.

Visual artists: Jürgen Eckart, Heidi Grünewald, Frido Kleuderlein, Ursula Rößner and Wolfgang Schauer.

Electronics & Computer Music technicians: Klaus Mühlberger and Bernd Gericke

More information:

Thomas Emmerig, Der Eckige Kreis und die Junge Akademie Regensburg, Steinchen im Mosaik der nordostbayerischen Musikgeschichte, in: Musik in Bayern 63 (2002), S. 105-156.


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