Frames trailer

Visualization of the composition’s timeflow

1999/2001 (01′36″)
Music for film/video

The trailer was intended to find interested parties for the realization of a large installation. This project has not taken place until today. In addition, a score was painted by the visual artist Guus Hoelen, which visualizes the time flow of the composition.

Frames is focused on the phenomenon of the “spinning top”. Definition: “A solid body capable of rotating at a  high angular velocity about an instantaneous axis which always passes through a fixed point.” We recognize the specific characteristics of a gyroscope in it’s moment of centrifugal power, shape, the influence by external forces and motions that exist in the gyros. These natural scientific criteria of the spinning top are synonym to life processes of mankind (gyroscopic philosophy).

The public, max. 20-30 persons, is inside a cube (25m2), which seems to rotate by rhythmic generated video images. The sounds are based on humming tops also rotate around the visitor. The musical language (MAX) doesn’t consist of curves of tension for example climax . Power, friction originate from concentration. A development in the sense of a European cultural tradition (state of awakeness) take not place. Frames is a generative music, who excludes a conscious hearing, a sound story (state of dreaming).

The audiovisual presentation underlines the phenomenon of the floating condition. Therefore no interactions take place between image and music.    The most highest possible abstraction is intended.

Frames is a virtual space
Frames generates a 4 channel image / 8 channel sound turbine
Frames explores the audiovisual perception
Frames unbalances the head /the eye /the ear

Therefore (see drawing):
4 LCD beamers linked together by 4 computers, throw synthetic generated images, Frames, on a centred cube ( 5 x 5 x min 4,5, meters). The sides of the cube are made of projection screens. The floor of the cube is furnished with a carpet. The exhibition room should at least be min 20 meters wide/length (28 meters diagonal) to guarantee the maximum image size (distance: beamer/cube). The room is darkened. On the corners of the cube are 8 loudspeakers fixed. The gyroscopes sounds are moved around through the cube by a space simulator.

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