Forgana Mix 1 & 2

Mix with sound impressions from Israel

2008 (4’32”, 5’25”)

During the 18-hour concert “sunwheel” 1994 in Masada Israel, which the percussionist Michael Jüllich, Kurt Dahlke (elektronika) and I performed together, the composition, the sound environment, “Fata Morgana” took place in the morning between 10.50  and 11.40. The Israeli artist Zohar Schlesinger was commissioned to record typical sounds of her country and make them available to us.

“The air is charged with the heat of the sun. Soundscapes of memory, of experience emerge. Musical mirages appear out of the blazing air, sound impressions that can be heard in Israel. This mirage prepares us for the off side (over noon), where a calm enters.”

The two small pieces Forgana Mix 1 and 2 are memories of and reinterpretations of this sound event.

© Copyright - Michael Fahres