Music accompanying the graphic novel Gäbrik

2011 (42′ 17″)

Electro Acoustic Music

For the graphic novel “Gäbrik, een prachtige vergetelheid” (a beautiful oblivion) (2017) by the Belgian writer and artist Marc Legendre I wrote the composition with the same name.
I did not only want to illustrate the individual scenes of the story musically and perhaps let them shine in a different light. It was also about a memory of my old pieces, which I brought fragmentary out of oblivion and put into a new context. This reinterpretation created a music that connected present and past. Even musical styles of different character stand side by side without value. Through their combination, the music gains an expression that connects the text and images of Legendre’s with my music. The sound recordings of the trams were made in Amsterdam, Grenoble and Lisbon. The ambient sounds were captured at the airports Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lisbon and Schiphol.
Two of the compositions were reworked by the musicians Arno Peeters and Kurt Dahlke.

The graphic novel:

Those who don’t get outside barely exist to the rest of the world. Those who cannot get outside even less so. Until social media was invented…

Gäbrik follows the public social media profile of a man who will always be trapped. Physically, in his sins and in the past. A past that harbours a dark secret. Gäbrik is not a comic book or illustrated prose. Gäbrik is something new!

© Copyright - Michael Fahres