Soundreflections of the chants of the Selk’nam and Yamana indians

1991 (39′01″)
Sound collage

Between 1850 and 1971 the Selk’nam or Ona’s, Indians from Fireland in the South of Argentina, died out. This disaster happened, because the new white people (mainly English) used the Indians as slaves and of course the Indians lost her land. The Indians had nothing to eat and so they got tuberculoses and died. They had to be Christians to get bread from the Salesian monks. In 1965 the American anthropologist Anne Chapman made a last recording from the Chants of the Selk’nam. The Shaman Lola Kjepa sang these songs. She was at that time 85 years old. From Anne I got the original recordings. These form the base for my composition “Hain”. Later I wrote “Karryon” (I listen to what other people are telling me) and here I used both my own recordings (interviews, songs) as well as the Chants of Lola.

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