Ecological music developed in a technical framework

1980 (open)
Electroinstrumental music for harp solo, electronics and magnetic field

In my composition ‘Piano” I had tried to develop a style of composition which I called “ecological music”. The composition “Harp” develops this idea technically and musically. The “ecological music” deals with the relationship between the specific sound character of the harp (microstructure) and the definitive compositional form of the composition (macrostructure). The sound of the harp, i.e. the primary acoustic properties, contains information, e.g. overtone series, different volume ratios of the overtones to each other, which should influence and shape the finite form of the piece.
The electronics clarify the acoustic information, they examine and “magnify” it, as if seen with a magnifying glass. The 8 bass strings of the harp (metal strings) resonate with magnetic fields. This happens with a computer, which controls 8 coils via a terminal.

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