The danger doesn’t come from the sea, but from the land

1990/1991 (61’46”)
For two voices and percussion

The radio play “Nabla” deals with environmental problems. The sounds recorded in the “Nabla carrier” of the Haringvliet lock symbolise a drought. Human passivity has caused an environmental catastrophe which has led to a warming of the globe.

21.1.1991 “Nabla” received the Dutch nomination for the “Prix Futura” and I wrote also a new part 3 (22′); on 14.2.1992 “Nabla” was presented and broadcast in its new longer version in the radiogram “Supplement” by the NOS.
“Nabla” was performed again on 7.8.1992 (3.45 pm) during the sunwheel project in Lelystad and on 25.9.1994 (5.25 pm) in Masada (Israel).

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