The story of the clouds is told

1996 (08’00”)


The music “Nuages” was created after the completion of the video film of the same name by the Belgian video artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine. This work assignment, as well as the poetic, dramatic design of the film, the story of the clouds is told, allowed a composition that on the one hand emphasizes the visual narrative, but on the other hand has its own musical action.
Some arcs of tension: the chirping and fluttering of the birds, who in the rising unrest anticipate the impending storm; the wind that rises to hurricane gusts; the fragments of music, among others by José Joaquim Emérico Lobo de Mesquita from the Brazilian Baroque period or by the contemporary composer Toru Takemitsu (died 1996), accompany the natural events in a calming or excitable way.

© Copyright - Michael Fahres