Impressions of lake Sevan in Armenia

2000/2003 (8’24”)

Music for dance

Over the last 50 years, the water level of Lake Sevan in Armenia has fallen dramatically, an environmental disaster of the greatest magnitude. In the Soviet era of the 1980s, the Russians planned a water recycling project to improve this problem. The Russians left the country, leaving behind huge water pipes that rusted on the shore, and Lake Sevan continued to dry up.
The voice of the Armenian singer Parik Nazarian was registered by means of such a long, large, resonating water tube. With this special recording technique, sinus-like harmonic partial tones were created, which alienate the sound of the vocals “naturally”.
The traditional song “Kroonk” forms the basis of the composition and tells the story of the crane that leaves Armenia but returns again and again.
The thirsty earth tongues devour the wet.

© Copyright - Michael Fahres