Sunwheel Light

From the sun comes the light

2002   (35’42”)
Electro Instrumental Music

Commissioned by the Bavarian Radio in Munich the Sunwheel team created “Light”. The occasion for this was the opening of the new building of the Pinakothek, in which incident light played an important role in the architectural design.

We wanted at least two instruments that work with light to make music in these compositions, which were either adapted or newly composed. The laser harp, which was built and played by the Austrian musician Jo Drobar, has no conventional strings. The strings are laser beams that are interrupted by hand and trigger MIDI impulses. The same applies to the instrument “Lightning”, which works with infrared rays. Kurt Dahlke plays it in the air with two rods, which in turn generate electronic sound passages depending on their positioning and programming. The composition “Lightning” makes use of all kinds of melody and sound fragments, which it immediately hurls outward in the sun. In the end everything swings out in Buddhist spheres. “It is” and “Solar Radiation” are new arrangements of “Fram” and from “Sunwheel” in Lelystad (NL), which were necessary for this instrumental ensemble.

With the movements:
1. solar radiation
2. lightning
3. es ist

Lightning: Kurt Dahlke
Laserharfe: Jo Drobar
Wind controller: Michael Fahres
Percussion: Michael Jüllich

© Copyright - Michael Fahres