Radiolines, Line 2

Innovative radio project that highlights all facets of the voice

1999 (13′19″)

The co-production ‘Radio Lines: the voice’ is an innovative radio project that highlights all facets of the voice: singing and speaking, imitating, recording, mixing, distorting. Central are the creation of ‘live’ radio and the central role that mixage plays nowadays (read 1999) in radio productions. Each radio station presents itself with its own project/’island’, with sounds and compositions by two musicians. One musician, the singer, concentrates on the voice: the resulting sound is mixed, modified, reprocessed and re-created by the other musician, using computer, sampler and mixer. The underlying idea is to show which creative process is at the basis of a radio production. The central person in the performance and presentation is the radio producer/composer, not the singer. The two musicians (per radio station) give a live performance of about fifteen minutes. Subsequently, all six musicians will improvise simultaneously, following a number of predetermined guidelines. Finally I, as the central ‘master controller’, put these improvisations together in a live mix to form a larger whole. This composition is called ‘Radiolines, Line 2’.

© Copyright - Michael Fahres