I am a Citizen of the world, my homeland is everywhere, I’m a foreigner everywhere

2004 (5′53″)
Sound collage

For the exhibition “Public Spaces” by the Belgian artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine at the Felix Nussbaum Museum Osnabrück, I designed a collage consisting of a text in different languages:

Ich bin ein weltbürger – überall zu hause und fremd überall

Soy un ciudadano del mundo, cualquier país es mi País, soy extranjero en cualquier lugar.

Jag är världsmedborgare. Alla länder är mitt hem. Jag är främling överallt.

I am a citizen of the world, my homeland is everywhere, i’m a foreigner everywhere.

Sou um cidadão do mundo, a minha pátria é em todo o lado, em todo o lado sou um estranho

Je suis un citoyen du monde, partout chez moi, étranger partout.

Maailmakodanik ma olen, igalpoolon mu kodu, kusagil pole mu kodu

Ik ben een wereldburger, overal thuis, vreemd overal

The texts were spoken, among others, by children who come from a wide variety of nations and cultures and are now at home in Europe. In addition, different accents play a role. Europe, a Tower of Babel, a melting pot with Babylonian language confusion.

© Copyright - Michael Fahres