From various large silos set up in a sugar factory, drops of water sound, quiet, scaring

2002 (7′17″)


Suddenly an acoustic water explosion takes place. The visitor is frightened, but later calms down, as the whole composition starts all over again and radiates a silence. D-Stroop plays with these acoustic associations.

The sound environment consists of the sound of falling water droplets which, comparable to a wet cellar or a sea cave, have a long reverberation. This sound can bring warmth, calm but at the same time also unpleasant or oppressive associations. The falling of the drops thus possesses a differently interpretable, silhouetted character and places the listener in an uncertain entertainment position.

After the sounddenvironment dies down, sweetly melodic lines echo from 2 silos, flying enelike from the distant height to the valley. As mentioned, the hollow space of the silos itself causes this floating state of the sound. Unexpectedly, these paradisiacal landscapes are interrupted. A water like steaming, uplifted acoustic Mass breaks loose, sort itself out of four channels over the listener, who feels dragged along. The flood of water slowly evaporates until at the end of the composition the drops (soundenvironment) are audible again and a moment of rest before the next acoustic storm can be restored.


unfathomably flattering sweet
persistent slow rudderless
tough soft unstoppable
flowing frighteningly sticky


D mounting D creamy D hydrating
D posing D blocking D generation
D murmuring D palatal D crescendo
D terminating D pressing D forming
© Copyright - Michael Fahres